Certified Semiconductor Line Specialist Technical Programme

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4 weeks blended learning programme

Programme Fee

(Exchange Rate: 1 USD= RM4.50)
Registration : USD50.00
Instalment Payment (first payment) : USD94.00
The balance of USD681.00 is subsidised and is to be paid later.


Micro-Credential IUKL &
EDUK8U Grad School Asia


4 weeks blended learning programme:
Programme Units: 
  • RBA Awareness - Ethics Governance & Compliance for Semiconductor industry
  • Electronics Manufacturing Production & Process
  • Health and Safety standards at the workplace
  • HR Standards of Employee Behavior
  • 5S to Improve Productivity
  • Assessments & Role Plays
  • QA (Quality Assurance) / QC (Quality Control)
By doing this programme, you get to discover the semiconductor industry, how emerging digital technology such as 5G is fuelling its growth, and what its future looks like. From smartphones to cars, manufacturers in the semiconductor industry are ramping up to meet the world's increasing demand for chips. This is your chance to establish your career within this sector.